About Tyrannos

Riddled with mystery and the impending doom of Lovecraftian horror, the 2017 single ‘Beneath the Pharaonic Necropolis’ marked the initiation of London Extreme Metal band Tyrannos. The two-track release was recorded as a solo effort by Bonno Stobart, with drums programmed by Caio Alves of Sufferer and the guitar solo on bonus track 'Cryptic Chaos' performed by Cryptic Shift frontman Xander Bradley.

Omens Evermore Clear

Since the single release in 2017, Tyrannos has expanded to a full band, now also featuring Parmahn Azad (Drums) and Owen Padfield (Bass guitar), with Bonno Stobart continuing guitar and vocal duties. The band has commenced live performances and is developing material for the next recording, following up from ‘Beneath The Pharaonic Necropolis’.